Our fitness courses

Exercise is part of our lives and ensures an all-round balanced body feeling. In our fitness area we offer you a variety of fitness equipment and special courses. Please note that wearing sneakers and fitness clothing is mandatory in this area.

You can find our group courses and the latest course schedule here. Fitness courses in groups simply make more fun discovery our offer!

Abdominal training

In a half-hour lesson, you train your core with specific exercises. The focus is on strengthening the upper and lower abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor muscles. Training equipment such as dumbbells, therabands etc. can be used.

From Monday, 11 March to Sunday, 21 April, there will be a special course schedule for the group courses.


Stability in the middle of the body is essential for an upright walk in life. Learn the correct posture in our abdominal and back training. Strengthening, mobilisation, stretching and balancing exercises help you prevent back problems and posture problems.

Body Toning

All muscle groups from head to toe are strengthened with a variety of exercises. The intensity can be increased by using small training devices such as dumbbells or other aids. Body toning is not only very effective, but also varied.


The term fat burner is derived from the words fat and burn. A fat burner workout burns excess body fat and shapes the body at the same time.


High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a training approach in which high-intensity phases alternate with several rest phases. This stimulates the metabolism and increases oxygen intake.


This full-body workout strengthens the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. Specific exercises promote your body control. “Nice to have” a flat stomach and a sculpted silhouette.

Powerplate Circle

Exercises on the multi-dimensional vibrating Powerplate have been proven to combat osteoporosis, reduce fat and improve circulation. In this workout you not only train the large muscle groups, but also your deep muscles. Join us for this mix of cardio and strength training. Fun factor guaranteed!

Power Toning

A power-packed class is waiting for you. Intensive exercises will increase your strength and endurance and make your body firmer and more sculpted.


TRX is a full-body workout that uses your own body weight as resistance while standing or lying on a non-elastic belt and rope system. This 45-minute sling training simultaneously trains and improves strength, coordination, concentration, balance and flexibility as well as the stability of the torso.


The ancient Indian way of life brings body, mind and soul into harmony with yoga. Breathing and meditation exercises strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments, improve blood and lymph circulation and reduce stress.

Aqua Cycling

Aqua Cycling on the waterproof hydrobike strengthens and tones the entire body. The back, leg and abdominal muscles in particular are stabilised. The training sessions last 40 minutes and are as intense as the strongest spinning session in the fitness centre, only much more pleasant. AquaCycling is only available in closed courses with a 12-person subscription.


Aquapower takes place in our 30 °C wave pool or, in summer when the weather is nice, in the Rio Mare. Aquapower is a sport- and health-oriented training which increases physical performance and everyday resilience.
In addition, the intensive exercises in the water help to lose weight, also in the so-called “problem zones”.


The Aquawellness lessons take place in our 36 °C warm brine bath. The almost weightless drifting in the warm water relieves the entire body, but especially the spine and joints. Aquawellness can help to alleviate pain and support healing processes.


Just Zumba fitness in the water? No, it is much more. Of course, the normal Zumba choreographies are also danced in Aqua-Zumba, but these are combined with traditional water gymnastics exercises.