Rio Mare

Lazy River Pool

The Rio Mare outdoor swimming pool offers young and old a lot of fun but also peace and quiet. In a 100 meter long circuit you can drift with the current. Depending on the current, which changes at regular intervals, you can drift faster or more leisurely. Try swimming against the current.

Let yourself flow with the current

In the middle of the pool you can enjoy peace and relaxation, with a fantastic view of Lake Zurich and the mountains.

30 ºC

100 meter length


Welches ist dein Lieblingspool bei uns? Vielleicht das Flussfreibad Rio Mare, bei dem du dich in der Strömung treiben lassen kannst… 🏊🏻‍♂️ aalpamareaalpamarefunwwasserparkfflussbadrriomareffamilyfunsswimmingffamilienspasszzürichseesswitzerlandp#pfäffikonsz

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