Icy action in Alpamare

The 158 metre long slide falls down over 17 metres in 11 sharp curves and is guaranteed to make your heart beat faster. The IceXpress resembles an ice channel, which is only for cool heads: Three of the eleven curves are hairpin curves, which partly even follow each other.

3 facts about IceXpress

158 Meter

11 curves

25-30 seconds glacier ride

25 to 30 second glacier ride

On this 25 to 30 second glacier ride through the IceXpress, you can feel how the curves whirl you from left to right and you no longer know where you are!

Age recommendation: from 3 years

Rückwärts die IceXpress hinaufsausen wäre auch mal toll 😉 Was meinst du? #alpamare #waterpark #waterslide #wasserrutsche #switzerland #waterfun #wasserpark #zürich

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