King Cone

Turbulent slide action in the Alpamare

What you only get to see on TV in Formula 1, you can experience live on this water slide. Hold on tight and step on the gas, as it should be for kings and queens of the water slides! 

3 facts about King Cone

3 cones

153 Meter length

16,7 Meter in altitude

For King and Queen

At 153 meters you will not only be shaken, three cones and a difference in altitude of 16.7 meters will also provide the adrenaline kick that makes you gasp for air.

Age recommendation: from 5  years

Begib dich auf die Rutschbahn King Cone und werde unterwegs in drei Trichtern so richtig durchgeschüttelt 😍#alpamare #wasserpark #waterslide #wasserspass

♬ The Best Time – Infraction Music