Saunas at Alpamare-Spa

Sauna visits not only strengthen the immune system, heart and circulation, they also give the mind and soul well-deserved peace from everyday life. And the well-equilibrated feeling after a few quiet hours far away from the hustle and bustle cannot be balanced with anything.

Wellness in Alpamare? For sure! Because here at Lake Zurich, ideally located directly on the motorway and easy to reach from Zurich and the whole of Switzerland, you get the best of everything. Whether it’s exciting water fun or wellness with mixed and separate saunas, steam baths and special treatments: you choose exactly what’s best for you when you visit Alpamare.

We have a mixed sauna area for women and men and a sauna area exclusively for women. Except for the Family Sauna, our saunas are always nude zones.

Family Sauna for young and old!
Every first Sunday of the month there’s a sauna experience for the whole family from 10:00 to 13:00. Various ceremonies in the steam bath, in the 60°C and in the 80°C sauna create a shared feeling of relaxation. Suitable for children from 1 year of age.

The surcharge for the wellness and fitness area is CHF 6.00.

Bio Sauna

It is the perfect symbiosis of steam bath and Finnish sauna and is so gentle that you will love it as a beginner or occasional user. The temperature in the bio sauna is about 50 °C lower and the humidity higher than in the Finnish sauna – just right for a gentle regeneration.

Finnish Sauna

You feel comfortable when it gets really hot with temperatures of 80–90 °C and low humidity? Then our traditional Finnish sauna will do you a world of good. With the occasional infusion, water is poured over the hot stones and a lot of steam is generated for a short time. The humidity rises from 10% to 30%, which feels even hotter on your skin for a moment – a boon for body and soul!

Special Sauna Infusions

You can detoxify as well as refresh yourself with our combination of heat and essential oils, honey or fruity-spicy essences. Depending on the season, the special infusions also vary. Or how about a cleansing peeling in the bio sauna? With us you can really enjoy yourself – whether with a Kneipp shower, a mask or the instrument ceremony.